Review: Julian Henry Lowenfeld, trans. «My Talisman / Мой талисман: The Poetry of Alexander Pushkin»

My Talisman / Мой талисман: The Poetry of Alexander Pushkin, translated with a foreword and biography by Julian Henry Lowenfeld. A Bilingual Book. New York: Green Lamp Press, 2003. v + 718 pp.  ISBN 0-9748720-0-8.


This large and sloppy tribute to Pushkin’s poetry brims over with tender affection. The book owes its very existence to the translator’s enduring love for the poet; love predominates in his acknowledgments to teachers and friends, and it is an enduring theme both in the biographical sketch and in the poems themselves. The warm circle of love, however, quite pointedly excludes scholars, critics, and other translators.

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